MMR Healthcare Patient Volunteer Program

Welcome to our volunteer program!
MMR Healthcare has put this together to grow our community and expand our reaches. As a volunteer, you would be contributing to the high level of coordination of care we strive for. Whatever the task, your work will make a difference.
Please, sign up and join a team of volunteers working to bring education, technology, and efficiency to Boynton Beach’s healthcare community.

Sign up today by visiting our main office (2015 Ocean Drive Suite 11 Boynton Beach, FL 33426). At our front desk, you can pick up an application and other forms needed to become a volunteer. You can also click our “volunteer application” tab and print out your application ahead of time. All applications must be returned to our front desk.
Questions? Visit our FAQ page or gives a call. Your person of contact is our volunteer coordinator, Martha Perez-Mendez. Reach her during regular office hours at (561) 319-3564.