About our practice

Our team had a humble beginning. After completing her residency at Hackensack Medical Center in New Jersey, Dr. Rodriguez moved to South Florida with her family and an incontestable dream. Since 1993, that dream has remained the same – delivering superior health care with quality of life at its core. Dr. Rodriguez stepped out in the pursuit of that dream by first recruiting a friend to manage her new private practice. They began in a bedroom calling 82 patients by phone to invite them on a journey. Those patients came, and so did many more. By the time Dr. Rodriguez and her sole teammate knew enough to be cautious, it was too late. The word was out! Just three months after doors opened, an open house was held and it was quickly discovered how hungry the community was for quality healthcare.

Over two decades later, our founding principles still remain constant.  In the quest for providing quality medical services to the community, we have built state-of-the-art facilities: a paperless medical office, VIP Educational Center, and the Walk In For Your Best Care Clinic open Saturday 9-4pm & Sunday 9-2pm.  In addition, we are made up of an extraordinary staff, including: Dr. Carlos Vinas, M.D., Physician Assistant Robyn Polyner-Johnson, P.A., and two specialists in dermatology and podiatry: Dr. Angela Weatherall, M.D., FAAD, and Dr. Laura Newman, M.D., DPM.  Our staff and facilities are here to serve our patients proudly with accessibility and efficiency.