Latest News. 05/2018

Keep your bones strong and healthy!

Did you know that half of all women and about one-fourth of all men older than 50 will experience a bone fracture?

Following these steps will help your bones stay strong:
1. Eat a bone-healthy diet.
2. Take vitamin and mineral supplements
3. Do not smoke
4. Control soda and alcohol intake
5. Exercise and maintain a healthy body weight
6. Take some sun for vitamin D
7. Watch for medications that affect bone mass
8. Talk to your doctor about treatment options

The Patient Volunteer Program  has now launched!
Here is your opportunity to get  involved, stay active, and make a difference. To  apply, please visit the front desk of our main office. For more information,  go to or contact our volunteer coordinator at  (561) 319-3564. 

Traveling soon?
The Heath Department offers travel vaccinations.  Call 727-824-6900  for more information.

ICE (In Case of Emergency). It is very important for you to designate a person or persons who will voice your wishes when you are no longer able to.  Make sure those names are well known by your healthcare providers.  Get your living will, power of attorney, and healthcare surrogate forms in place and bring us a copy for your records.  Now  is the time to express your wishes